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Access can investigate your building / facility for the presence of mould and recommend solutions including an action plan, so the concern can be managed in a timely manner. Access follows industry standards for conducting investigations and is supported by accredited laboratories for the analysis of air and bulk samples. Services include:

  • air quality monitoring (for documentation and investigative purposes)

  • sampling of building materials suspected to be impacted with mould growth

  • submission of air/bulk samples to an accredited laboratory

  • the interpretation of analytical results and generation of easy-to-understand reports

  • the design of abatement / remediation plans

  • preparation of contract documents and/or technical specifications (if required)

  • tendering projects and administration of contracts on your behalf or simply obtaining multiple quotes from specialized mould abatement contractors

  • monitoring of remediation projects

  • clearance air monitoring

  • ongoing communications with all stakeholders

  • close-out documentation

  • preparation of mould-management plans to prevent the reoccurrence of mould and provide guidance to appropriate parties on measures and procedures to manage mould

  • training (various levels including awareness, worker safety/safe practices, mould management, etc.)

​The extent to which Access can serve you is totally scalable based on your specific needs and budget and we encourage you to contact us to discuss how we can help you..

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