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asbestos management programs


Developing a record of asbestos-containing materials at your facility is only part of a comprehensive Asbestos Management Program (AMP).  The Ontario “asbestos regulation” (O.Reg. 278/05) also requires the implementation of a program to manage the presence of confirmed and presumed asbestos-containing building materials on a long term basis.  The intent of this requirement is to ensure these materials are managed on an on-going basis to ultimately ensure the health & safety of regular building occupants as well as that of maintenance staff and external contractors who may encounter ACMs during their daily work activities.  A well developed AMP should at a minimum include the following components:

  • Policy statement on the management of ACMs

  • Regulatory framework including requirements for reassessments

  • Definitions of commonly used industry words and terms

  • Roles and responsibilities of staff tasked to manage asbestos

  • Training requirements

  • Record keeping requirements

  • Emergency procedures to manage the release of asbestos

  • Notification requirements (internal and regulatory authorities)

Access can develop an Asbestos Management Program in line with your needs based on the complexity of your facility and / or operations.  In this case, “one-size” doesn’t fit all and the AMP developed for you Access will not only meet regulatory requirements but also be clear, concise and most importantly, tailored to suit your facility’s needs. 

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